Aman Burman's portfolio

A portfolio showing all of the coding projects I have worked on


Over the long term, I wish to address the problem of a lack of education for underprivileged children. I strongly believe that every child has the right to education regardless of their social and economic status. Education opens up a world of opportunities for the underprivileged and provides a chance to end the poverty cycle. With this ideology in mind, I became the founder of Prepsaurus which is an online platform providing course content at affordable prices. Prepsaurus provides a variety of courses such as Python for Beginners, Scratch, MIT App Inventor, mathematics, and science courses. Students can access free of charge and work through the different modules. Young scientists can also research and publish their own articles on the website. As a means of outreach, I am working with an NGO in India called Transform Schools; I have signed an MOU to deliver programs and track the progress of 1000+ students in the first year with a future capacity to cater for 5000. I believe that Prepsaurus will be beneficial as students learn core skills such as language and communication skills, while the community feature of the platform will allow them to connect to the world. Technology is the future and, if students possess the ability to program in various languages, this allows them to make a difference in the world

Modelling the habitability of moons in arbitrary star systems

Research project on exomoon habitability. Currently working on this project alongside Dr. Tansu Daylan, TESS postdoctoral associate at MIT with a visiting appointment at Princeton University. Plan to publish at major atronomy and astrophysics publishers such as Nature Astronomy on this groundbreaking work on exomoons and a new equation to model their habitability around host exoplanets.

World Science Scholar

  • I am one of 40 top young mathematicians and scientists to have been selected for the 2-year World Science Scholars program working alongside world-renowned scientists such as Brian Greene and Stephen Wolfram. As part of the module conducted by professor wolfram, I created a project using the wolfram mathematica language to give users insight to many of the social issues that plague our worldCode

Dubai Athletes

Created a website to record basketball statistics for all high school and middle school games amongst schools in Dubai.

AUS Coding Competition

Project submission for the AUS School Coding Competition where I ranked second in the Machine Learning track.